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«For foreign patients» Multilinguial Material

This is a list of multi-linguial materials useful when visiting medical institutions or getting to know about medicine in Japan

How to use them

  • Fill-in form

    Multilngual information to fill-in (questionnaire, application, screening, and others)

  • Pointing

    Communication with medical staff by pointing

  • Explanatory material

    Information to read (manual, pamphlet, guidebook, and others)


Fill-in form/PointingPDF
Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

Niigata International Association [2010]

7 languages (English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Russian/ Portuguese/ Tagalog/ Indonesian)
Fill-in formPDF
Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

Internatoinal Community Hearty Konandai/Kanagawa International Foundation [2018]

18 Languages (Chinese/ Korean/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ English/ Thai/ Cambodian/ Nepalese/ German/ Russian/ Persian/ Arabic/ Tagalog/ Vietnamese/ Indonesian/ Laotian/ French/ Croatian)
Fill-in formPDF
Medical Handbook for accpting foreign patients

Gunma Medical Association [1994]

4 languages (English/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Tagalog)
Explanatory materialPDF
Guidebook for when you are feeling ill

Japan National Tourism Organization [2016]

5 Languages(English /Chinese(Simplified Traditional)/ Korean/ Thai)
Explanatory materialWEB
Multilingual Living Information "Medical"

Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)[2012]

13 Languages (English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Tagalog/ German/ Vietnamese/ French/ Russian/ Indonesian/ Thai/ Burmese)
Explanatory material/PointingPDF
Medical guidebook for foreign residents

Kyoto Prefecture [2012]

3 Languages (English/ Korean/ Chinese)
Explanatory material/PointingPDF
Multilingual guidebook for medical institution visit(Temporary)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government [2018]

5 Languages(English/ Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional)/ Korean/ Thai/ Spanish)
Guide for Communicating and Explaining Symptoms

Okinawa Prefecture/Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau [2018]

3 Languages(English/ Korean/ Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional))
Multilingual handbook for visiting hospitals

Kyushu District Transport Bureau [2018]

8 Languages (English/ Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional)/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Korean/ Tagalog/ Vietnamese)
Foreign Language Medical Treatment Manual/Foreign Language Dental Treatment Manual

Kanagawa Prefectural Government [2001]

1 Language (English)
Medical Handbook

Ibaraki International Association [2011]

9 Languages (English/ Chinese/ Portuguese/ Thai/ Tagalog/ Spanish/ Korean/ Indonesian/ Vietnamese)


Fill-in form/Explanatory materialPDF
Foreign Language "Vaccination and Children's Health 2019 Version"/Vaccine screening questionnaire

Public Foundation of the Vaccination Research Center [2019]

16 Languages (English(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire)/ Korean(Main text/Screening Questionnaire)/ Chinese(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire)/ Tagalog(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire)/ Portuguese(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire)/ Arabic(Screening Questionnaire)/ Itarian(Screening Questionnaire)/ Indonesian(Screening Questionnaire)/ Spanish(Screening Questionnaire)/ Thai(Screening Questionnaire)/ German(Screening Questionnaire)/ French(Screening Questionnaire)/ Mongolian(Screening Questionnaire)/ Russian(Screening Questionnaire)/Vietnamese(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire)/Nepalese(Main text/ Screening Questionnaire))

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Explanatory materialPDF

Researching And Supporting Multi-Cultural Healthcare Services(RASC) [2006]

9 Languages (English/ Chinese/ French/ Korean/ Portuguese/ Tagalog/ Vietnamese/ Thai/ German)


Fill-in form/PointingPDF
Tools for multilanguage communication


4 Languages (English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Portuguese)
Explanatory materialPDF
Medication guides (English version)


1 Language (English)
Explanatory materialPDF
Manual for supporting foreign patients at pharmacies

Osaka Prefectural Government [2007]

3 Languages(English/Korean/Chinese(Simplified/Traditional))


Explanatory materialPDF
A guide for ambulance services

Fire and Disaster Management Agency [2011]

6 Languages(English/Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional)/Korean/Italian/French/Thai)
Multilingual Format on Emergency

Tabunuka Kyosei Center-Hyogo [2008]

20 Languages (English/ Chinese(Simplified/ Traditional)/ Korean/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Tagalog/ Russian/ Indonesian/ Vietnamese/ Thai/ Nepalese/ Arabic/ Persian/ Romanian/ Bulgarian/ Laotian/ Hungarian/ German/ French)


Explanatory materialPDF
Multilingual Leaflet for countermeasure against tuberculosis

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

7 languages (English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Vietnamese/ Nepalese/ Tagalog/ Burmese)
Explanatory materialWEB
Pamphlet for people from countires with high prevalence of tuberculosis

Osaka Prefectural Government [2018]

Two Languages (English/ Thai)
Explanatory materialWEB
"Tuberculosis?!However, it does not worry"

the Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan anti-tuberculosis Association

7 Languages (English/ Chinese/ Indonesian/ Mongolian/ Portuguese/ Korean/ Tagalog)
Explanatory materialYouTube
"That prolonged cough might be caused by tuberculosis"

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

7 Languages (Chinese(Mandarin)/ Korean/ Nepalese/ Vietnamese/ Burmese/ Tagalog/ English)

Medical system

Explanatory materialPDF
Public Health and Medical Care Guide

Kanagawa Prefectural Government [2015]

2 Languages (English/ Spanish)